Colour Series

Colour Series is the new Digital label from We Love Space resident DJ Jem Haynes. The label is based on a condition Jem has called Synesthesia which means that every sound he hears paints a different colour in my mind. For example a bassline maybe a deep blue colour and the melody of a track maybe bright yellow or red. During the summer in Ibiza Jem produced a series of tracks with different colours in mind and thought the best way to bring them all together is via a new digital label.

This autumn he launches his brand new record label Colour Series, where the focus is on the differing shades of music thrown together during Jem's dancefloor assaults. Based on the rare condition of synaesthesia that Jem experiences (he sees music in colours and shades with every component of the music broken down), each release will be colour coded. Bolder more hedonistic tracks carry a primary colour whereas the deeper tracks will be signified by a gentler palette, an exact representation of his understanding and experiences of music.