Stamp EPSOAME (incl. Visionkids Remix)2017-12-15TechHouse

Blessing EPJem Haynes & SOAME (incl. Ruede Hagelstein Remix)2017-10-20Techno

Around EPJem Haynes & SOAME2017-03-24TechHouse

Rolling EPSOAME (incl. Smash TV Remix)2016-12-16TechHouse

Light da Funk EPKemper (incl. Jem Haynes Remix)2016-12-16TechHouse

Bossa EPJem Haynes & SOAME (incl. Smalltown Collective Remix Remix)2016-10-14TechHouse

Late Night Story EPJem Haynes2016-09-16Techno

Lush EPSOAME (incl. Sabb Remix)2016-05-30TechHouse

Streets EPJem Haynes & SOAME2016-03-28TechHouse

Backyard EPSOAME2016-02-22House, TechHouse

Timezone EPJem Haynes & Sam Chorlton2016-01-18TechHouse

Change EPJem Haynes & SOAME (incl. David Keno Remix)2015-09-28House, TechHouse

SoundsystemSecond Line2015-06-22House, TechHouse

EscapeSOAME2015-05-18Deep House, TechHouse

JourneyJem Haynes & SOAME2015-04-13Tech House

Ready to RollJem Haynes2015-02-23House, TechHouse

Hang Heels EPJem Haynes, Mike Peters2014-05-26House, TechHouse

Colour Series Vol. 1Jem Haynes, Mike Peters, Sam Chorlton, Ian Blevins, Shimko, Rick Grant, Down To Earth, Various Artists, Smalltown Collective (STC)2013-08-26House

Second Line EPJem Haynes, Ian Blevins2012-11-12House